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I am a fully qualified Pilates Teacher with a background in Cardiac Intensive Care nursing at one of London’s leading Heart and Lung Centres – Royal Brompton Hospital (RBH). After five years of clinical experience, I went on to become the Lead Educator in Resuscitation at RBH before eventually setting up my own Resuscitation Teaching Consultancy in London.


In my spare time, I was passionate about exercise - teaching aerobics, playing squash and running. However, years of high impact sport and my professional career eventually took its toll on my lower back and I turned to Pilates to rehabilitate. Having experienced the amazing benefits of Pilates, I was inspired to become a Pilates Teacher.


I trained with the internationally recognised organisation POLESTAR at Moss Pilates in London and have since launched Louise Gilbertson Pilates.


Teaching is what I love to do and I am able to use my medical knowledge and teaching expertise to offer safe and effective classes for all my clients. My aim is to improve health and well being in a relaxed environment which is stimulating, sociable and fun.


I have a specific interest in working with seniors and those who suffer from Osteoporosis, CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia, low back pain and the long term effects of a stroke.

I have undertaken further training in these areas so I can understand better the needs of my clients and therefore offer appropriate classes.


Professional development includes:

  • Pilates for Fatigue & Pain (CFS/ ME)

  • Pilates for Rotational Sports

  • The Science of Thoracic Mobility 

  • Applied Basic Anatomy & Physiology - Exploring Fascia

  • Fascial Slings in Motion

  • Advanced Gait - The Lower Extremity

  • Lower Extremity Pathologies

  • Seniors & Osteoporosis 

  • Back Care

  • Spine Health Workshop - American Bone Health

  • Understanding Back Pain - Hyperkyphosis

  • Franklin Method - Imagery Exercises for a Strong, Healthy, and Flexible Spine

  • Franklin Method - Relax your Neck, Liberate your Shoulders

  • Franklin Method - The Mighty Psoas

  • Franklin Dynamic Abs - Another Approach to Abdominal Training

  • Franklin Pelvic Power for Core Integration

  • Emergency First Aid at Work

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